Accidents and the Google Self Driving Cars

Self-driving cars are here, and by the year 2020, you’ll see many of them on the roads. Google is most known as the Internet leader, but the company is also one of the first to develop one o these autoformatted cars. The vehicle has been on the road several years now, already undergoing more than one million miles on the road. During this time, the Google self-driving cars has been involved in 16 accidents. These accidents all were minor and no injuries were reported. Google responded to each accident, claiming that it was at no fault of their vehicle. The most recent crash, however, is different. Google admits fault in the accident which involved a city bus in California, however, claims that it is something that can happen and does happen in human driving incidents on a daily basis.

Do these accidents indicate that more research is needed on self-driving cars? Of course. The technology is still far too new to be fool proof. Does it mean the cars are a danger and shouldn’t be on the roads? Probably not. This latest incident and accident with the involving the Google self-driving vehicle was related to a bus that didn’t yield as anticipated, sandbags on the side of the road, and a bit of judgement. The company promises they are looking into ways to further reduce the incidents of accidents involving these vehicles.

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