5 Facts About Assisted Living

Assisted living is a housing option available to seniors requiring a bit of help with their daily activities. An assisted living St Louis facility provides round the clock care with nurses and doctors, as well as a team of caring personnel. Assisted living is utilized when a patient isn’t ready for a nursing home. If you are considering assisted living for yourself or someone that you love, these five important facts are designed for you.

  1. Assisted living facilities provide patients with medical and non-medical services, with a doctor and nurse on site 24 hours per day. At an assisted living facility, seniors have peace of mind knowing there are people there to help them in any way necessary.
  2. Seniors that use assisted living facilities have a higher quality of life than patients who are in nursing home. Assisted living facilities provide activities, socialization skills and much more, ensuring that the individual is always thriving.
  3. Comparing assisted living facilities is recommended before choosing. There are many facilities in St. Louis, but they are not all going to provide the outstanding care and services that you expect. When you compare your options, however, you’re always sure to get what you want and need.
  4. The cost of assisted living varies; however, insurance plans usually do not cover these costs. It is important to be aware of this ahead of time. This is another important reason to make comparisons, since you can compare facilities and their prices.
  5. Assisted living facilities provide medical care and so much more. Seniors using assisted living can meet new people, participate in fun activities, get help with shopping, doctor appointments, and other outings, and more. Three meals and snacks are also served each day, with a nice menu of choices available for patient selection.